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"hate you for a lifetime"
connor kauffman


I don’t see a point to MORP... I mean what's the point of having a dance right before PROM anyway and the girls ask guys aspect? It's too forced and uncomfortable. Alas, this was another assignment that I was sent to cover for either newspaper or yearbook I cannot remember. For some reason, the dance was a euphoria / foam theme? So, it was absolutely freezing. I ended up getting up on the stage with the DJ though, so I was able to get some great crowd shots. Sadly, I did not realize that the dance had been crashed by some people (who will remain unnamed because I’m not a snitch) … anyway some of my favorite images I was unable to send to get published because they were not school students. Overall, it was just another dance that I would not have bothered going to if I had not had an assignment. 

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