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"Anthem Part 2" Blink182

Disclaimer: no property was damaged in this shoot / the writing on my arm was a coffee order at work [it says 3 Hot chocolates with whip one with mallow] This shoot was created to correlate with my sustained investigation: the lost art of teenage rebellion. Egging a house is a dying art but one that really symbolizes the pent-up aggression of being a teenager. I mean who has not wanted to egg a house before? I wanted to capture the excitement of egging a house and the letdown after running out of eggs. Because all good things must come to an end. This shoot also has a guest appearance: my little brother's chicken... I have a phobia of chickens, so I just embraced them in the shoot instead of trying to remove them. This shoot was edited to be black and white to emphasize the dramatic element of egging something.

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