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Hey! I’m Laney, I have been taking pictures since I was 8 but started taking them seriously when I was a freshman in High School. During Sophomore year, I became photo editor of the school newspaper. Over covid I became more interested in concerts and editorial photography. My junior year I began shooting analog and by senior year I was developing my photographic style. I am now a photography major at SCAD concentrating in documentary photography.


My photos all revolve around my sustained investigation which I started during my senior year of HS. The act of teenage rebellion and recklessness is completely captivating to me. I absolutely love it. As someone who is afraid of pretty much everything I am so totally fascinated by the simple acts of rebellion. I find it to be artistic and expressive in the best and worst ways possible. This fascination stems from my early exposure to Avril Lavigne. I love exploring the theme of doing stupid and rebellious acts through photography. The pure acts of teenage punk rebellion is dead. People go to parties just because everyone else is going. No one does anything to make a statement anymore. There used to be a meaning in rebellion. House parties used to mean something but now they are just a place to go if you are bored. I would love to bring back the sense of pure simple fun that comes with teenage rebellion. I want my art to show people that rebellious fun is fleeting and there is a purpose to it.  

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